Talent Concept

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Dongsheng’s talent concept:

People-oriented, get the best of a person.

People is the most active factor of all economic factors, people-oriented reflects the Dongsheng’s development concept that people is the
firstcapital, reflects the important role of human resources in Dongsheng’s development, and reflects the humanistic care in Dongsheng.

Dongsheng’stalent concept is to build a platform for her employees to realize their value and to maximize their energy supplement,

accumulation, exploring andreleasingDongsheng advocates and insists that putting a people in a right place, doing works to the best, 

respect talent, get the best of a person. ForDongsheng’s vision, strategy and business, Dongsheng will continue to build a health system 

and atmosphere to attract, employ, educate, and keep people,and make Dongsheng a big home for all Dongsheng people".

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