Development History

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Difficult start(1998-2007)

1998 to 2000

Dongsheng Group was formerly Yichang Dongsheng Industrial Co., Ltd., which is established in 1998 and mainly engaged in phosphate rock mining, transportation, phosphate rock processing, production and sales of plastic bags and other business, the production of "Dongsheng" phosphate rock powder have been exported to Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries, also domestic. (Picture: Yichang Dongsheng Industrial Co., Ltd’s front door)

Year 2001

Companies are rapidly growing, comprehensive strength continuously increased, phosphate rock powder production from the initial 3 million tons to 100,000 tons increased by 233%; bags from the initial production of two million to six million increased by 200%; sales revenue from the initial 330 million yuan to 18 million yuan increased by 445%; taxes paid from the initial 15 million yuan to 1.03 million yuan increased by 586%. For the protection of intellectual property rights, promoting quality brand-name strategy, the company in June 2001 successfully registered "Dongsheng" trademark. (Picture: ore production workshop)

2002 to 2003

In June 2002, in the privatization-oriented property right reform of county economy, the company invested 5 million to merge Yuanan county WangJiaXiang phosphate mine, invested 26.9 million yuan to purchase Yuanan county jiunv phosphate mine, forming a rich reserves phosphate rock raw material basement, and a set of key enterprises of phosphate rock mining, processing, transport, packaging and sales; in 2003 the sales revenue was over billion, taxes paid was 6.42 million yuan, Yuanan county became the enterprise who ever paid the largest taxes. (Picture: Jiunv phosphate mine)

Year 2004

" Hubei phosphate Resource Management Interim Measures " was promulgated, the company seize the strategic opportunity of phosphate resources development and utilization, and vigorously promote trademark strategy, project support, innovation-driven, to manage for efficiency, to achieve leapfrog development. It has invested 450 million yuan to build projects of annual output of 400,000 tons mono-ammonium phosphate, and 300,000 tons compound fertilizer; expansion of 20 million bags production line, set up a transport companies with more than 200 freight cars. Rapidly developed into a big chemical group with phosphate mining, phosphorus chemical industry, and compound fertilizer production (Picture: woven workshop)

2005 to 2007

On February 26, 2006, Yichang Dongsheng Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer Ltd’s 400,000 t/a MAP second phase project completed and commissioned.In September, “Dongsheng” brand MAP products have been rated as well-known brand-name products in Hubei Province. In May 6, 2007, Yichang Donghe Fertilizer Co., Ltd’s 300,000 t/a melt-granulation-tower compound fertilizer project launched and in December 2nd passed a successful test.In December. (Picture: tower compound fertilizer and ammonium phosphate plant)


Endeavour paces(2008-2015)

Year 2008

In April, Hubei Dongsheng Chemical Group Co., Ltd invested 1.13 billion for 836 project which to create annual production of 800,000mt sulphur acid, 300,000mt phosphate acid, and 600,000mt DAP supported with 1500,000mt rock and 15,000,mt Fluorine Silicon Sodium Acid In June, Hubei Dongsheng Chemical Group Co., Ltd merged Danjiang Fertilizer Company for Urea production, and put on her new technology and expansion. (Picture: 836 project original site)

Year 2009

“Dongsheng” brand compound fertilizer awareded Hubei province well-known brand.
On July 1, Hubei Dongsheng Danjiang Chemical Company hold urea commissioning ceremony. In October, Dongsheng group obtained the exploration admission for yulinxi mine in Yinjiagou mine area, Yuanan county. (Picture: Danjiang company panorama)

Year 2010

“Dongsheng” brand compound fertilizer awareded Hubei province well-known brand. In May, 836 project concentrate plant passed trial successfully. In July, sulfuric acid plant passed trial successfully. In August, ammonium phosphate plant and phosphoric acid plant passed trial successfully. in September linkage test was successful.
On September 9th, Yulinxi Exploration and Mining Construction Contract signed, On September 16th, DAP product. On November 1st, the Communist Youth League Hubei Dongsheng Chemical Group Committee established. (Figure: 836 project panorama)

2011 to 2015

During the “twelfth five” period, Hubei Dongsheng Chemical Group has developed into an large-scale phosphorus chemical enterprise groups with annual production capacity of 2 million tons of phosphate rock, 1.5 million tons of mineral processing, 500,000 tons of MAP, 600,000 tons of DAP, 300,000 tons of NPK, 100,000 tons of synthetic ammonia, 150,000 tons of urea, 50 million pieces of fully automated produced bag, and transportation capacity of 200 freight cars, the sales revenue was over 5.0 billion yuan, total assets was over 2.5 billion yuan, has more than 2,500 staff. Ranked the "top 500 Chinese private enterprises", "top hundred enterprises in Hubei", "top 100 private enterprises in Hubei Province" and in other lists in consecutive years. (Picture: Dongsheng Group main entrance and administration building)


"Thirteenth five" period

During the "thirteenth five" period, Dongsheng Group actively promote the "thirteenth five" development strategy, strategic plans to achieve sales of over 10 billion yuan, operating profit of over 1 billion yuan, the total assets of over 50 billion by the end of the period, and becoming a first class Chinese chemical enterprise. (Picture: spirited Dongsheng people)